Online Blackjack Strategies

Learning the online blackjack strategies is very important if you wish to have a decent chance of winning. Rules of blackjack are not always the same. They change from casino to casino and place to place. There are three sets of rules that exist nowadays. They are the Las Vegas set of rules, European set of rules and the Atlantic City set of rules. Different casinos choose to patronize different set of rules. The main point of difference in the rules is when the dealer has a hand value of 17. In all the different online blackjack strategies, it is stated that no matter what are the set of rules, the dealer should stand on a hard 17. Now, hard 17 will mean that the dealer does not have an ace. Or if he has the ace, it has already taken the value of one. But if a dealer has a soft 17, then the online blackjack strategies. Soft 17 refers to the fact that the dealer has an ace that has the value of 11. The dealer is at advantage, especially when he has a soft 17. The reason for this is that, there is a possibility of him increasing his hand value and winning.

French casino gamers would rather play games on sites that received good reviews! Go to the jeux de casino page! Let me explain this to you with the help of a simple example. LetÂ's say that the dealer has a six and an ace with the value of 11. Thus his total is 17. Then the dealer goes by the online blackjack strategies and hits. He picks out a card with five. Instead of busting, the dealer actually has the hand value of 12. How you may ask? Well he simply changed the value of the ace from 11 to 1. The dealer can now draw out another card and increase his hand value. So this is how online blackjack strategies change, with the different dealer rules.